Anyone run into this problem with FTGL?

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So I downloaded and built the latest FTGL and freetype and included them in my Cocoa project. When linking I get:

Undefined symbols:
  "___dynamic_cast", referenced from:
      FTExtrudeFont::MakeGlyph(FT_GlyphSlotRec_*)       in libftgl.a(libftgl_la-FTExtrudeFont.o)
      FTPolygonFont::MakeGlyph(FT_GlyphSlotRec_*)       in libftgl.a(libftgl_la-FTPolygonFont.o)
  "operator new(unsigned long)", referenced from:
      _ftglCreateBitmapFont in libftgl.a(libftgl_la-FTFontGlue.o)
      _ftglCreateBufferFont in libftgl.a(libftgl_la-FTFontGlue.o)

that almost seems like it's having problems linking with the stdc++ library.

However, I created a custom C++ class and added it to the same project and it compiled and linked without difficulty.

Any thoughts?
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I tried using FTGL with c and had a compiler error, this was a while ago and I can't remember what exactly, but it couldnt find headers.
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