Which Deployment Target to Use?

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I've been doing some searching and all I can find are old stats, what are the current adoption rates of the OS for game buying users? I am not using any fancy OS features so should I just target OS 2.0?
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I wouldn't bother with OS 2.0 to be honest. Apple seems to be going out of their way a bit to continue developing for 2.0 and the userbase is only a few percent at this point. If they aren't willing to pay $5 for a software update to 3.0 when most apps require it now, they are pretty unlikely to buy your game either.

If for no other reason, I would target 3.1 simply to get access to CADisplayLink. It helped smooth out the framerates in our games considerably and seems to reduce the input buffering that happens on the iPhone for whatever reason.

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Hmm, I haven't heard of CADisplayLink, yay learning new things!
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I think CADisplayLink is what they use in the new OpenGL ES template by default don't they? Anyway, I've been using it, but it didn't noticeably change much in terms of performance, although I didn't really have any problems with the timer either.
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You can still compile for OS 2.0 and support CADisplayLink if the user has OS 3.1 or later, the samples do this by default.
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