converting quartz to openGL ES

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been out of the "game" for a while so to speak. My game renders in Quartz but this makes it slow as molasses. It's a fairly simple 2d game, nothing fancy, yet it is just moving very slowly. FPS appears ok, no jerkiness, yet there is an impression of lethargy. I cannot put a finger on it. Anyway, I figured if I used OpenGL ES things would move a lot better. I imported the required libraries but I am kind of stuck now -leaving the development aside for 6 months to deal with school didn't help either -and I want to finish the game soon but I also don't have much spare time to work on it.

Sooo....enough background!
Is there an easy way to convert your quartz graphics to openGL ES?
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You might be able to use CoreAnimation to allow you to reuse some of your Quartz code while giving you hardware-acceleration, depending on your exact situation.
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aerospaceman Wrote:I cannot put a finger on it.

I see what you did there! LOL
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