Tracking UDG D/L and Promotion

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I've posted to a number of Zombie sites, friend's and application forums.

I even dropped into insidemacgames after five years to update the UDG thread
there, but talk about a bad taste. Five years ago they shut down all discussion of
individual UDG entries by jamming the subject into a single, now non existent
sticky thread, and this year they either have something stupid to say
or they hijack a devs thread pimping another dev thats not even in the same genre as the original post.

Ok IMG gripe aside.

I'm watching downloads carefully.
If you have a private website, then you usually have a /stats page to see downloads and hits.
To date there are only 19 Mac downloads of uDeadGame.
So basically only devs from UDG downloaded the Mac version?
Well I know at least one zombie fan who downloaded a Mac version, so
one of you out there are slacking off!

I'm checking Google to see where UDG is turning up, if the top hits aren't
iDevgames itself, they are from 2004!

I imagine that will change soon.

I'm very curious what outlets you all have found to promote the contest,
now that there are actually games to play, and if you are getting any
kind of response from those locations, and how hard your servers are being hit.

If voting wasn't an issue we could just flood MacGameFiles (where there were
zero game updates for a week!!!) and Versiontracker, like in the old days.
But I've learned a lesson from that: 60,000 downloads don't equal votes, site visits, or feedback. So I'm saving that for much later.

I found linking to stuff on my server I never released
publicly and had to kill those files. They charge you if you actually post
a game on their site, but then link to stuff without permission? WTH!

I'm wondering if we could get away with posting at MacGameFiles and the like
"uDevGames...20 new free games for your Mac" with a link to the games list.
How could we pull that off without seeming sneaky?

I'm also wondering if in the future it might not be best to have a uDevGames
forum of some kind for the people who play our games, somewhere that we
don't freak them out with code questions, but just cultivate a community around
the work we've all done with the incentive that they will get an exclusive chance to play, vote, and participate in the development or extension of UDG entries.

In that way we'd have a user base we could rely on for voting,
instead of the shot in the dark hope that people will do the right thing
or a hostile "no spam" reaction from various forum mods around the web.

Just a thought.

Anyway, how goes the server hits, if you can track them?
It will be interesting to watch the changes over time,
for me, its always been a thing that keeps my interest peaked after the deadline.

Good thing we can't track votes in real time, I'd never sleep.
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I haven't downloaded it yet.

*runs and hides*

- Lincoln Green
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Its ok, I know you were up to your whiskers in work to do.
With flame wars to extinguish too boot.
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Yeah, lol.

I forgot to enable my web stats before I posted my build(haven't used my domain for anything much for a while), so I don't have any stats.

Quote: Good thing we can't track votes in real time, I'd never sleep

Heh, yeah.
Probably the worst part of it for me is wondering if my game has even been downloaded(I know a couple of you have Sneaky) I can handle waiting for the vote as long as I know it's getting rated.

I did find out something interesting about MU's *free* hosting. I tried to post my game as freeware and have them host it, but apparently, they want you to participate in something, in spite of making it look like you only had an obligation if your file *wasn't* free.
Oh well.

- Lincoln Green
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Carlos will be mirroring, so that won't be too much trouble soon.

If I wasn't in the contest I could mirror too, but seeing as how
I got shot in the arm for >$300 my first UDG, I have to be very careful,
especially with this game being nearly five times the size of the first.

I don't recall having to participate in anything when downloading your game,
or is it just for the person who the file belongs too?

Beware of 'free'.
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I'm hosting it myself for now.

I hope 300,000 MB of bandwidth will be enough Sneaky.

- Lincoln Green
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Bill, I have downloaded uDeadGame three different times. It is awesome.

My web site - Games, music, Python stuff
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Hey thanks Diordna, I haven't seen you on iChat since you left a message to give you a very big thanks.
There is a glut of feedback, and then little messages come along that just make the whole day worthwhile.

Grin After all raging zombies are all about making people smile. Grin

Have a nice brain.
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I've downloaded your game Bill and really like it! You've just already posted most of the suggestions I could think of in your "feedback so far" in your dev diary, I couldn't think of anything to add. It's my wife's favorite game so far. She likes zombies and isn't in to Strategy games. Wink
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Love What a nice wife. Love

Pulled my comment over to the uDeadGame thread.

Still tracking things in this one.
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So how goes the hits and giggles?

As of today, relying on only uDevGames advertising and
spamming Mac, game dev, or zombie related forums the download
counts look like so:

Mac downloads: 186
Windows: 360

Closing in on 20 Gigs of traffic.
That includes a couple of updates, we dropped 10 megs in file size this morning. (does this zip make me look fat?).

I posted to MacGameFiles (just to keep up with the Jones' LOL)
thirty two hours ago, no sign of my game. I guess they are holding
off on freeware games to pimp Mac Games Arcade.
No wonder an entire seven days went by with no games posted.

Macupdate, holy crap, I remember when a game could last
a day or more on the front page, Laserface and Boston
got buried so fast I got eyeball whiplash.

InsideMacGames, no sign of uDevGames on the front page.
Not very encouraging.

Nothing at Macworld magazines site either.
Maybe I'll have some coffee and go spam their forum.
Haven't read an issue of that magazine in nearly a decade. Wow.
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Reclaimed has:
186 Downloads for the mac version.
181 Downloads of the JNLP (probably for windows folk)

But I haven't mentioned the game outside of here and my blog post. I am surprised the java web start got so many hits, since it is kind of squirreled away in the post. Also, since I am running a server, I cna tell you that 86 people have created players since March 2nd... including one named Softpedia. Heh

Howling Moon Software - CrayonBall for Mac and iPhone, Contract Game Dev Work
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I've posted on InsideMacGames, MacUpdate, and Apple. I started tracking my stats on March 8, and I've got 499 downloads(haven't posted a Windows build).

Not so good...

- Lincoln Green
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igame3d Wrote:So how goes the hits and giggles?

Laserface Jones so far has just over 700 downloads, for the 1.0 and 1.1 versions. It's ~21-22 GB traffic.

MacUpdate brought in about 40% of that, MacGameFiles < 10%. Both sites started distributing starting at v1.1. I submitted to both sites last Saturday, and they showed up on Monday. So about a 48 hour turnaround.

This is a very small fraction compared to the dl's from 2004, though. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was around the 4000 dl range for the contest, and was up to 8-9k after a month or so. For reference, it was distributed to the same sites.

Justin Ficarrotta
"It is better to be The Man than to work for The Man." - Alexander Seropian
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Well MacUpdate provided 272 downloads in about 20 hours.

MacGameFiles finally put the game up with about 65 downloads in fifteen hours,
which is about the rate of downloads I had in the first four hours at MacUpdate.

I guess MacGameFiles is a safe bet for testing the waters with your game
without putting strain on your server. Just to see if any horrendous bugs
or complaints show up before exposing a larger population to your game.

MacUpdate is picked up by a ton of news aggregators, so is certainly
a better option for getting the word out to the world wide web.

However, uDeadGame is already bumped off the front page.
Sure are a lot of mac apps, good thing I overcame
my "download everything" addiction by getting into game dev
else I'd overdose on the amount of software to try.

[edit to include this note]
Softpedia is a site, apparently they run the game for
a few seconds to grab a screenshot and put their watermark on it.
The have a pretty awful shot of Boston and uDeadGame, at least with
my game they got zombie Jackie's cute rear end in the shot.
The LaserFace Jones screen is pretty sweet, looks like they played that one to a boss.
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