Your favorite entries.

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I didn't try all games yet, of those i tried my favorites are Constellation and Laserface. Constellation especially surprised me, it's kind of a fast paced deterministic risk, really great.

I also found uDeadGame very entertaining, great to see your army of zombies fighting against tougher and tougher opponents. Unfortunately i didn't find a good strategy to beat the higher levels so i'm kind of stuck.

Recommend your favorites!

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I better watch it or this post might turn into a review of all the games Smile.
Heh, same here. Laserface was great, and has loads of replay-ability. Constellation has a really nice atmosphere, and is a really nice game just to sit down and play.

I really like the idea behind OCD, but it felt a wee bit - unfinished. It would be great to see this developed further.

Maneuv'it and Chasm Bowling were both very nicely done.

Syntropy might have made it, but the movement needs to be developed further.

And I am obligated to like Boston. Rasp

There, I only mentioned 6 games.

- Lincoln Green
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Outside my own dream come true.

-Boston for looks, plot, and potential (do not stop!!)
-Surrounded by Death, same
-Constellation for brain exercise, damn you evil AI space villians!
-LaserFace Jones for eye candy, not my game style anymore,
but I can see myself in an arcade or corner store twenty years ago begging adults
for change just to get another replay (yeah I used to do that).

I'll post some strategy for you in my announcement thread.
Seems nobody has gotten to the Arcade Sad
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I'm currently without my Leopard-running Mac Pro so I've only played the ones that run (reasonably well) on a MacBook with Tiger. That said:
Constellation is the game that appeals to me the most - I generally prefer strategy games, and this one is quite more-ish.
GwOrp and Laserface Jones are both well done and look great. Not the sort of game that I tend to play, but I can see other people spending a fair bit of time with them.

From the description, OCD really appealed to me, but it won't run on Tiger so I'll have to wait and see...
I'd like to say well done to everyone who (unlike me) actually managed to stick in there and finish something. Honourable mentions to all of you.
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I've sat down with a couple of beers and played through the lot. The standard is pretty good this year. My top picks are:

* Laserface
* Constellation
* Chasm Bowling

Obviously I don't want to bias the voters, but FIDRIS is probably up there as well Smile

Unfortunately there are a number of x86-only entries which I couldn't play.

Good luck everyone...


- Iain
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IBethune Wrote:Unfortunately there are a number of x86-only entries which I couldn't play.

Boston is a UB Rasp Sneaky

- Lincoln Green
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This is a tough call. There are some great games.

Aside from my own entry, I think my 4 favorites are:

Gw0rp: I like the mashed together ships! I also found myself getting into the story on this one. Are these cybernetic beings invading Earth? Are the animals they talk about people? I haven't gotten to the end so don't give anything away.

Simoebic Dysentery: I love the look and feel and puzzle aspect of this game. Only problem was it was a little buggy when I tried it.

Chasm Bowling: It looks very polished, and I like Bowling

uDeadGame: Fun, original, semi-strategy twist on zombie games.

Laserface Jones gets an honorable mention for the best graphics, and looking the most polished and commercial. It deserves to be on the top of many people's lists. It just isn't my genre.

Reclaimed also gets an honorable mention for achieving a fully functional mmorpg entry within the timeframe of the contest. Its very impressive.

I love puzzle games, and really wanted to like Harmony and OCD but I couldn't do anything with them and they just frustrated me. If their devs feel like posting better instructions I want to give them another shot.

Its hard not to list every game here. I have enjoyed playing them all.

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I totally forgot to mention Simoebic Dysentery.
Looks good, very original, just a little too hard on the outset.

I think if limited number of lyses was removed, and some kind
of score or extra amoeba for eating as much of the level as possible
was added it'd be something addictive. Maybe a power up to add lyses
or cause asexual reproduction in the amoeba.

The most fun I had playing was actually watching my daughter
play and trying to guide her. The danger had very particular thrill.

Good job SD devs.

I also want to make a note of 'unfinished' games.
They broke my heart to vote for.
Next time, don't work alone!
Team up to with other devs and artists.
An additional person to work with means bonus motivation,
bug finding, idea hammering, content, blog/forum posts and touches of quality.

Its an extra one to twenty hours a day something gets
done on your game even if its just running through the levels
making notes like "too hard, too easy, bug, wtf?!?"

Doing just that one part alone can burn you out for a day or more,
especially if you have to go in, make code/art changes, and test
things all over again from start to finish.

You want to be having fun at this and having a buddy to laugh,
cry and scream with/at you as you progress helps a alot.

Teamwork for the win!

If a solo dev wins this thing, the rest of us should eat his brains and absorb his knowledge.

Game Developer, its what's for dinner.
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Ok, I finally got to sit down the last two days and give everything a good solid play. Congratulations are definitely in order to all just for going the distance. That said, the following games stood out to me. In no particular order:

- Reclaimed. On top of being the first MMO, I found it to be the one I wanted to go back to the most.

- Constellation. It's a modest game but what it does it does well. Very solid.

- uDeadGame. I laughed my ass off the first time a zombie took a running tackle at a dude and sent his weapon flying into the air.

- FIDRIS. This one initially flew under my radar, and it ended up being a lot of fun. Well done.

- Maneuv'it. Very nicely polished, and a lot of cool effects on the obstacles.

I'm casting my votes now, where everyone will get in-depth notes and suggestions Smile

Justin Ficarrotta
"It is better to be The Man than to work for The Man." - Alexander Seropian
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JustinFic Wrote:- FIDRIS. This one initially flew under my radar, and it ended up being a lot of fun. Well done.

Thanks dude! For the first two months of the contest the game looked really shoddy, but it all came together in the last few weeks. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job shouting about it compared with some of the other games Smile

- Iain
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Disclaimer: have only played half so far.

Constellation stands out for me being the most "done". Nothing feels like a placeholder; AI, graphics, sound, menus. Fun too.

FIDRIS also very complete and fun.

Chasm Bowling another favorite.

uDeadGames is a hoot and I love how the opening credit sequence pulls you in. A few things feel less polished maybe, yet somehow that adds to the creepy atmosphere.

Syntropy broke my heart - so much good work, ruined for me because it didn't have good instructions (not even "click space to continue") and was too freakin' hard even after I figured out how to use the absorb power. I fear this is a classic case of devs targetting the difficulty based on their own extensive playing of their own game... But I recommend people try this game because maybe I just suck.

Ashima, Boston, GnomeSpy each had good things I want to say about them, which I lack the time to say. :-)

Hopefully I'll get to the rest of the games soon. Great job, everyone!

Measure twice, cut once, curse three or four times.
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Constellation won my heart early on following the games that had their own blog and it remained a strong favorite.
Simoebic Dysentery came as a surprise to me (glad the name was changed) and I was impressed with the graphics and feel but it didn't seem to work the way it was supposed to.
Another surprise was Laserface Jones - not my kind of game but I found myself continuing to play it despite myself even after I had decided how to score it - the gameplay is that smoothly done.
Lot's of other good stuff out there and obviously the fruit of lots of hard work, but these three left the greatest impression on me.
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I haven't played all the entries yet, but I just have to say: damn you, JustinFic, for tantalising me with the thought that there might be a final, ultimate upgrade for the guns Rasp

[Image: Laserface Jones.jpg]

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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Thanks guys, it means a lot coming from devs of your caliber.
Glad we could provide you with some new chills and thrills.

I'm still in awe that we pulled it together in a little under two months.

Has anyone gotten to the arcades yet?
I made those levels as special rewards for ya'll.

Was going to add some of your screenshots, but that felt too much like
stealing and then asking would ruin the whole surprise.
Plus the whole deadline weighing over my head.
Maybe for the updates later on.

Thanks again.
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Hey all!
I could write something about every entry, but did that already in my vote reviews Wink
The games I liked most were:

-Laserface Jones: Very nicely done! Need to be sure to use the right gun from the start or it will be quite hard Wink

-Constellation: Great idea and a finished product! Thought it was easy because I won the first times I tried, but I guess I just got lucky. Now I lose from time to time, hehe.

-Chasm Bowling: Good unity-powered sports action, just figured out you can activate a crosshair! That thing should be default!

-uDeadGame!!! (probably because Bill and me created it, hehe)

-Simoebic Dysentery: Quite long loading times, but once it's there it's cool! Starts very challenging, maybe too challenging, but that's a matter of taste.

-Boston: Fun character and gameplay! The bugs could be a bit more aggressive, they seem to attack only when I am very near. I really like the comic style cutscenes. Some falling through walls prevented me from going very far unfortunately.

-Surrounded By Death: Stunning graphics! Interval between two gunshots is a bit high and the doors are expensive, probably need to shoot like 80 zombies to get out of the house, but other than that, good job!

-Maneuv'It: Original little game! Something for iPhone and iPod touch as well! I think the red walls should be able to kill you if you hit them too often instead of just getting time penalty!

-gw0rp: Took me a while to figure out, but now its fun. I suggest there should be a hint (something like red arrows) that indicate you are in a right position to place the beacons! Gonna play this more now Wink

Everybody good luck!
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