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first and foremost, I am looking to program for the iphone/touch.

I have been running through "Beginning iphone development: exploring the iphone SDK" for some time now and have a good grasp on things.

I have learned from this forum that I must program in C if I were to make simple games?

what about c++? obj-c?

can I program a game in C++ and port it to obj-c? or c? ( i have a good grasp on C++, its the only language I learned.)
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You can use Obj-C and C++ too. Obj-C has a small messaging overhead but it's plenty speedy enough for 99% of things. Some of us here do not like to use C++ because it makes an unnecessary mess of things, but using it is entirely up to you.
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Yeah, you can choose to compile in Objective C++, which lets you mix and match the two languages very freely. I'm definitely digging on the things that Obj-C gives me but it was also such a relief to be able to just bring all my old C++ code over.

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thanks for the replies, I have decided first to make a game in C++ then port it over.
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