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Everyone knows it's hard to find a good programming book. However, I would suggest adding "C++ Primer", by Stephen Prata, as a good book to read for anyone interested. It's lengthy, but it covers everything you'll want to know about the language.
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Kind of a weird first post but welcome to the list! I will have to go check out a copy of this book and see what it is all about.

Kyle Richter
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Hey Sionna, do you know about the Colorado's Game Developer Association.
Next Meeting is Monday, March 2nd...location to be announced, soon.
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Having liked the C language book by the same author, I decided to check this out on your recommendation.
I read his treatment of a few topics that always confuse me about C++ (copy constructors, initializing members of a base class, etc.), and I agree that this is a good book.
I would like to warn everyone not to buy the Digital Edition. It is not a normal PDF, which you can easily search and make notes in, instead, it requires this bizarre reader software that you have to download from Adobe that doesn't even allow you to zoom in on a page correctly! I should have bought the real book.
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