3d Space Sensing movement?

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Im looking for a better way of allowing people to feel like they are moving in my current game. Its one of the biggest complaints so far, but Im not sure how best to give the feeling that they are moving. Obviously there are stars, nebulars etc in the background, but these are unreachable, but my ships can move around in quite a large areana, but its hard to get a real feeling of where you are. This is actually realistic in terms of space but makes the game harder Smile

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to approach this problem?

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You basically have to fake it and go non-realistic if you want to give a feeling of speed in a space game.

Move the stars way more than they should be moving. Motion blur. Planets and space stations are great for orientation and movement. Increasing the field of view gives a greater sense of speed. Asteroid fields. Dust particles. Etc. The more "stuff" the better.

Sound effects work well for speed as well. Higher pitched engine noises for the faster you're going.
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Coincidentally, this is just what i have been prototyping, I think my current "space dust" approach works fairly well for visualizing movement, even without a HUD.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Ive created space dust already, but I randomly spread it out, with similar looking stars in the background that are unreachable. I think what I need to do is cluster the dust together and have random clusters spread out. This should make them look less like stars and more like dust.

Imight also try adding in asteroids, but I'll have to get these working with the gameplay if I have them in the battle arena.

Thanks Smile
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if there's some visible engine or whatever on your vehicle, you could try making it brighter/longer when you are accelerating.
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I've done a couple things while experimenting.

1) I made a special "continuous" particle system that existed only in the camera's viewport that simulated flying through fog ( or in this case interstellar gas ). It gave a very impressive sense of movement. The particles were large and had a very low alpha, so it's sort of a subtle effect but it looked great.

2) When accelerating, I widened the chase camera's field of view. This made for a very impressive effect. Basically, the FOV was tied to the acceleration, with some spring-dampening to make the motion feel natural.
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TomorrowPlusX: Do you have any pictures, by any chance? Smile

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