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Hi, when developing a game, it's common to want your menus, buttons, and other UI elements to have your own look and feel, rather than looking like the standard application UI elements provided by the SDK.

Whats the best way to achieve this? Usually you just want to have UI elements that use your own image files as a "skin".

Do you draw your own CALayers or UIImageViews, and then handle touches and menuing in your own code? Or is there a way to take the standard classes for UI elements (UIButton, TableViews, NavBar, etc), and completely override their appearance, but retain their function?
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Make one UIView and draw all you images onto it by using the drawAtRect or drawAtPoint method.

If you wanna use Core Animation, you can either create CALayer instances and add them to the UIView's layer as sublayers. Or you can create subviews which already have a CALayer.

Also take a look at the CGImage API which has some cool functions.

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Ok thanks. So you recommend doing the touch, scrolling, button press etc functionality in your own code, and just work with pure CALayers?
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You should be overriding the drawRect: method in a subclass to create custom appearing interface elements.
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