another c pointer question

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char *c = malloc(255);
if (c != NULL)
        strcpy(c, "Hello world!");

void *ptr = c;

char *c2 = ptr;

It appears to work, but is it safe? Does the void pointer throw out information pertaining to the number of elements pointed to, or does it simply overlook it, thus allowing c2 access to it(the number of elements) once again?
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Pointers don't know anything about sizes of the things that they point to. That's why you can put a pointer into the middle of an array if you want.

What's really happening here is that C strings are null terminated strings. This means that the string "the" is actually 4 characters long. -> 't', 'h', 'e' followed by a zero. To find the length of a string, you actually have to check each character until you find a zero in it.

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Thanks, I always get so confused when dealing with c strings.
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You typically should to use strncpy() instead of strcpy() to prevent buffer overruns.
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