Airplay SDK for Xcode / Mac

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Anyone using this?

It's the tech that was used in stuff like COD:Zombies and Backbreaker on iPhone.

It used to be available only on PC, but now it's out for Mac/Xcode!

I'm downloading it now... interested in hearing from other users... perhaps we can form a self-help group?!
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I am currently writing a more extensive/highlevel gameframework on top of Airplay.
I might keep those of you that are interested updated.
However I'm not sure if I'll release the sourcecode.
Anyway it'll take some time, because I am quite busy with work related projects for the moment.
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I know this is an old thread, but has anyone else tried the Airplay SDK and have any opinions about it?

The only problem I've seen so far is that their art tools are currently Windows only. I know they are moving those over to Mac soon.
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Downloaded a couple weeks ago but been too busy with paying work to give it much of a look other than playing with some of the samples. Just wanted to keep the thread alive since I do have real interest in it.
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