so sorry but i realy (again) need your help please !

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11:15pm - NOTE: NEW PROBLEM DOWN HERE in the same post!!!!


hello, I have a big problem today:
I am doing a simple piano, and I put 20 keys (on keyboard) with buttons
(only first 9 buttons) but when I add the number 10, and build n go
show me Succeeded NO ERRORS, good !!!

[Image: x-lio-succed.png]

but the iphone simulator turned in Black screen, and dont show nothing... why ?

here is my .h and my .m (code)

please !!!!
QUESTION: ... why if I add a
IBOutlet UIButton *pteclax10;
give me errors, I do not want to think Xcode only will let me use 9 buttons... please help me.
thanks again.....

here is my code in 2 pictures....

[Image: x-lio1.jpg]

[Image: x-lio2.jpg]

I DISCOVER SOMETHING IMPORTANT FORME....... reed this please !!!!

ipost this forum 40 minuts ago, but i discover something,
i test a full saved project (app) that works fine yesterday.....
run again 5 minutes ago,and still works fine.

but here is the importan thing
i compress, and save ina new folder, and open it again just to test....
AWOSOME !!!! not work too ! , but is a full saved, (all thinks inside the folder)

and I returns this new 3th project (not working) to the original folder
and WALAH !!!! WORKS AGAIN .....

why not work if i move .....please help !!!!
the project I am talking is the same above.

thanks again !

my iphone website:
intel Imac 20", iphone 8GB (2G)
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