Setting OpenGL & GLFW on my new mac!

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My new MacBook Standard has arrived along with a free ipod touch with 16 gb memory!
Wooot! Grin
I'm very excited and i'm trying to build an opengl application using glfw and XCode. I compiled glfw and created a new project in Xcode. The problem is that i receive link errors regarding some functions in glfw. Here's how the project is set up:

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They key is the 'libglfw.a is not of the required architecture' line. I bet libglfw.a is a ppc-only library, and you're trying to build an intel product (or vise versa).

Run the command "otool -hv libglfw.a", and it'll print what architectures are available within that library.
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GLFW doesn't build universal by default (there is a makefile in there that does the job, but it doesn't seem to have received much love). GLFW is currently written in Carbon so can never build for 64-bit. Either or both of those could easily cause such an error.
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I figured it out what the problem was. I recompiled glfw with the other makefile that came with it namely: Makefile.macosx.gcc.universal.
Now it works! Wohoo!
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