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That is a good idea that you're onto Carlos. Turn it into uDevGames 2008, and offer separate awards for "Best Educational Game", "Best use of Particles", etc. It kind of requires a large number of entrants, but it sounds like fun to me!
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I would participate, but like others I don't like having a theme.
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I'd be more than happy to participate in a new iDG contest... that said, I'm not sure how I feel about having a theme imposed, particularly for a lengthy contest.

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Themes would probably limit the entries a bit too much. I liked seeing the spread of new ideas from previous uDev contests, so I'd vote for freeform.

Also, it might be worth having an iPhone category (would have to be games released within a month before the final entry date for obvious reasons). You'd get a lot more entries and a lot of good PR by including the flavour of the month for the press Smile
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I'm on board as well, and I agree with all the previous statements about a regular uDevGames with possibly special prizes.
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If we're going to have a theme, I'd suggest it be broader (e.g. casual games that *could* work on an iPhone OR games that crossover between computers and portable devices).

Just as an example -- I think it would be neat if MMORPGs had mobile web interfaces that allowed you to do stuff like in-game mail, tradeskills, city-to-city travel, and auction house from a cell phone. That way, if you know you're going to be raiding when you get home you can do the annoying 30 mins of prep work at some random time during the day, versus making your friends wait when you get online.

I think there's a lot of potential for online RPG and strategy/empire games to have mobile interfaces along those lines, and I'm sure there are opportunities for simpler games.

The reason I say *could work* on an iPhone versus pure iPhone games is that I think some of us might want to use Unity :-)
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Carlos Camacho Wrote:Education because its a good genre to bring interest to the community.

Just wondering if this is based on fact or wishful thinking?

Do you mean education would bring interest from the media about the community providing educational titles instead of the sterotype kill kill kill games?

Or is the belief that it would bring a string of developers interested in educational titles? Education does not have the glamour of some other game genres.

I know the demographics for the members includes various groups but educational titles do not seem to attract those starting out development.

Another question relating to educational games - how do they differ from country to country? Some things are universal like addition and things, but anything relating to teaching spelling, grammar etc. would be language specific.
Also a game aimed to tie in with the English educational curriculum may not fit in with the Scottish one let alone a Dutch, German, Australian or Icelandic one.

Just things to consider if education is the theme. Maybe worth moving off into a separate thread?
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I think I might try to participate. I had plans to enter a few years back, but they were too ambitious and my efforts petered out.

As for restrictions, I prefer concept type restrictions to implementation restrictions, if restrictions are needed.
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How about an iPhone/iTouch contest?
Tighter constraints would mean closer competition and clearer requirements.
Future monetization would be dead simple.
$100+$229+tax barrier to entry.
NDA would have to be worked around for (if) the source code to be released.

(disclaimer: not all of the above points are positive)

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I'd be in if you ran a competition. However, if there is a theme, I'd like it to be a more abstract set, rather than something that dictates genre, or specific mechanics.
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Hey! I'd love to participate...

My opinion on the whole theme thing is that it shouldn't be like a genre. As in, not "side scrolling" or "sports" game, but maybe "game involving snow" or "game with scissors somewhere in it." That sort of thing. Something kinda crazy and fun, not making it more difficult than it already is. Smile

It sounds great so far! Send out an email when you plan the thing finally!

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I'm interested in whatever--and think the restriction of a theme could push creativity as opposed to stifle it ((though I think the only option that's really themeish is "educational"--and tbh, I don't know where I'd begin to come up with an idea that was educational. history? math? Hmm.))

Wishing I had a newer mac for iphone dev... =/
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(Sadly, I won't be able to participate again. However, if I was, I would want to have a free selection of what kind of game. In uDG spirit.)

When in doubt ... read the Read Me
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I'm up for some competitiony goodness, despite not really being active around here.

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I's been so long since I participated in the forums!.
I'm learning that kids take a lot more time than programming Rasp
I would participate with something simple.
best regards to all.
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