Nice models and free models, new site!

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Hey there!
We've just started a small 3d model site which would be cool for your game development:

We have free real-time models like this:

[Image: x0207bsn1.jpg]

[Image: x020xbqz8.jpg]

[Image: copyofx0202beb7.jpg]

[Image: copyofx0205bei2.jpg]

and others:

[Image: x0301brx5.jpg]

[Image: x0102bys4.jpg]

[Image: x0601bro6.jpg]

[Image: x0701bhn9.jpg]

Developers always need model, so we try our best to make as many free model as we can and hope they might help you!
New products are available every week, we kindly invite you to visit frequently to check them out!
Sorry if you find it annoying.
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Nice looking models, but I don't recognize any of those file formats as anything that would load into any standard Mac 3D app.
You might want to consider .3ds and .obj model formats in those packs.
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Also, what the heck is a "real-time" model?

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diordna Wrote:Also, what the heck is a "real-time" model?

A decent looking model that isn't 80,000 polys, like a lot free models are.
Basically it will work in a game engine without bringing it to a grinding halt
once you've added a dozen of them.

For instance a freebie Darth Vader I got was 120,000 polys.
Thats the equivalent of twenty one of the zombies in this collection.

Oh and poly reduction on Vader turned him into ...well a mess.
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the file formats you have available may be more common on pc development, but if you want mac users to consider your models you will need ( obj, fbx, c4d ) possibly .ma, but mostly .obj since it can be opened nearly on any app.
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