Is your focus the iPhone or the Mac?

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After the launch of the iPhone App Store, many developers will be switching to iPhone development.

What is your focus now? Are you spending most of your time coding for the iPhone or for the Mac?

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For my home projects, I only develop for the Mac, though I'm trying to stay as portable to other platforms as possible. (by portable I mean Linux and Windows, I personally have no interest in the iPhone)
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I have a pretty game for Mac-PC (C++, SDL, OpenGL) in developement for quite a while now, and while I feel it has good potential i still dont have a precise marketing plan for it.

Iphone has this great advantage that you dont have to worry about piracy and you get a great distribution basically for free so I might jump into it even though i suck at cocoa-obj-c.

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I'm just heading back to the Mac side of things and the iPhone is definitely my main target. However I have decided I want to work on some Mac games as well, so I'm not completely iPhone focused. Maybe like a 70/30 split.
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Both, with maybe a 60/40 split (but for which is weighted, I don't know Rasp)

@Najdorf - iPhone games are being pirated on jail broken iPhones I believe.
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