SDL Apps won't work on other computers

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So I've set up and am using SDL with X Code on my Macbook Pro with no problem. But when I try to send my app to other people (also using macs, and with all resources included) it won't run. The application opens then closes right away.

It's been suggested that this is a path issue (although my consultant doesn't use osx so he was just guessing), which seems like the most likely case. The only reason I think it might be something else is that when I copy my app + resources to a new folder just on my desktop it still works.

I've been programming for a while (although am still relatively new to C++ and SDL), all in XCode although I don't have much experience with advanced setting changes or anything in XCode, so if the problem stems from my project settings or something you'll probably have to be pretty detailed (sorry!)

Thanks a lot for reading, even if you can't think of a solution.

- Smittens
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Did you change to the Release build setting? If not, the app has to link against compiled code on your machine and won't run anywhere else.
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That is only true if you have "Zero Link" turned on, which is not possible with Xcode 3 or later, thankfully. Debug builds from Xcode 3 (or Xcode 2 with Zero Link turned off) are completely portable.

The fact that SDL is mentioned suggests to me that the SDL frameworks need to be copied into the app bundle (Contents/Frameworks). You can set up a custom "Copy Files" build phase in Xcode to achieve this.
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