Using PHP and MySQL to create an online RPG!

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Hello I would like to make an online RPG similar to this Star Wars one I think it's classified as a "text" rpg? Using PHP and MySQL programming. I have a couple questions though. How long would one of these take to make, would it be possible to be able to do one in a year or two? Would I be able to make one with a good computer and C++ Programming knowledge, and PHP/MYSQL programs? It would have to be able to support like quite a few people too. What do you guys think?
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Making games is hard, as is making any other software. If you do not yet know how hard it will be, and therefore how much time you can expect to invest, then you won't finish a bigger project. Make a very simple game with your chosen technology, for example an ELIZA clone. Then you will have a better grasp about what time it will take to make a more complex game. You will also have learned about the possibilities, disadvantages and traps in regards to your chosen method.
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Bjoernke makes a very good point if you do not have a rough idea of how hard a project will be or how long it will take then you are not ready for that project. Start small and you will have a chance to stick with it.
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