Pixelmator or ???

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Nanocrisis and the OpenTeddy port were done by Alex Ni/phydeax, who seems to have disappeared from this community a few years ago. I happen to have an old build of OpenTeddy from him, though. Mirrored here: http://www.sacredsoftware.net/temp/openteddy-mac.zip
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lovely thanks so much, works a treat - cant believe this app hasn't gone further...
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Though not full featured like photoshop, this looks interesting - Scribbles.
Going to give it a go.

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I use PixelMator, got it though MacHeist just like Muskrat. I also have Seashore on the disk.

Having alternatives to Photoshop is becoming increasingly important. Adobe's copy protection is making it more and more likely to simply becoming unusable at any time (for legitimate users that is). If you have a decent alternative to fall back on, that isn't a problem any more.

I had to soup up my TGA loading code when using PixelMator instead of Photoshop, since PS let me save in uncompressed format but PM only in RLE. No big deal though, RLE decoding is easy.
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