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I've made my switch from PC to Mac and I'm interested in doing some game development.

I've been playing around with RealBasic and the OpenGL plugin for it. It seems to be working pretty good, but I'm nervous about performance.

What are people using to make the mac client for Warcraft, Eve and others? Are people mostly using the OpenGL library for the mac or something else?


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OpenGL is pretty much the only choice on the Mac for hardware accelerated 3D graphics. World of Warcraft and the like are generally written in C (or a C derivative), not a high-level language like REALbasic.
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RealBasic will slow you down much more then OpenGL will. World of Warcraft for example uses OpenGL as its graphic library. You may want to look into using something with more control then RealBasic offers.
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The obvious answer is to check for Xcode on your install DVD.
Then go through some of the tutorials for it, there are a few free ones online, like "become an xcoder".
If its not on the DVD then is the place to get it.

RealBasic will let you make programs for general use, like word processors and stuff, but games...nope.

If you just got a new machine, you could always boot into windows and use whatever you were using over there,
like Visual Basic, there are tens of thousands of game dev examples out for that.
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I've been a windows developer forever and I know tons of languages on it.

I've been playing with realbasic and the opengl plugin and so far I have over 100 small objects and the frame rate is around 40fps.

I'm going to investigate and do some tests to see what kind of performance I can really get.

It would be nice to develop in just one language and have one codebase and be able to target Mac, Windows and Linux (like RealBasic does).

Does XCode/Cocoa/etc. provide this? Or in order to make something serious will I need to write in C# for windows and Cocoa/Object-C for the mac?
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SDL + OpenGL will give you a cross platform codebase.

Look at
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Works everywhere <- spectrum of design choices -> Works optimally
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