[iPhone Dev] 2D Games, OpenGL or Quartz?

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Also don't miss out on the information videos in the iPhone area of developer.apple.com. While not terribly technical, they contain very sound information.
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Yeah I downloaded them through iTunes and checked them out, they still thought me a few things here and there! ;p
I'm still kinda new to the whole Objective-C thing, but I like it already! Wink
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Hey hey, I'm back! ;p

I've been thinking a bit about it and my earlier mentioned project I'm working on; (http://www.gamer-powered.com/midori/blog/?p=22) is in SDL at the moment, and as I'm a student in GameProgramming I had a long convo with my teacher and decided to go for OpenGL ES after all on the iPhone. So instead of CoreAnimation I'll go for a bit bigger goal, only problem is; no good tutorials or game source files to look at and learn.

I, soo want to learn it since I really like working with SDL even though it's a lot easier than OpenGL. Yesterday I spent hours looking for good iPhone/Touch tutorials in OpenGL ES but all I could find was how to make Cocoa Touch applications and was able to find one game's source which was a Cocoa Touch based Tic Tac Toe which was very easy to understand how it was put together.

Does anyone know any place that has tutorials or source files of OpenGL projects specifically for iPhone/Touch?
Or anyway I can learn OpenGL ES without having to buy a frikkin book? Rasp

Edit: Something just blinked in my mind and made me think of something, is it illegal or something to talk about this all? If yes, till when is it illegal? I didn't think of it before but it would make sense in a way.. Rasp So yeah, let me know if that's the case so I won't make this mistake again!

Thanks in advance,
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