How do I make games?

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Hello. I was just wondering how to start making a game. Do you need to use terminal or something?
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Use Google. Come back when you have specific questions. Search the forum for the 'so you want to make a game' threads. Show some effort.

Edit: Fine, CrackBunny, I'll be a bit nicer. Shard, go to and learn that, probably using the 'Learning' link at the top. It's really easy. Their forum people are nicer than me.

Edit 2: I should mention that Processing will let you make perfectly good games that run fine on all major platforms with no extra work required for porting.

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Shard you will need to learn a programming language and then download a complier to create programs. If you are working on the macintosh you most likely will want to learn Cocoa and download Xcode.

You can get Xcode from

Play around with some of the examples and let us know when you have questions.
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I disagree about Xcode+Cocoa being the easiest way to learn how to make games, especially with the amount of experience it sounds like Shard has. Processing is a way better option here. Integrated environment/language, easy syntax, plenty of nice game-oriented libraries.

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Please search this forums, this question has been answered before.

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