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I created a virtual environment in which users need to locate a building emanating a looping sound using surround sound speakers. I used OpenGL and OpenAL toe achieve this and all works fine, except that the surround sound does not work properly. The sound does not pan smoothly between the 5 speakers. I am orienting the OpenAL listener with the exact same values as the OpenGL camera. I have already had to move the sound source around according to the listener in order to make the sounds more audible, but I would want to simply specify the sound source location in the 3D space and then depending on the listener's position and orientation, it pans across the speakers properly (as in an actual game...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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How are your 5 speakers connected? I think you need an add-in card to get better than stereo out of a Mac (except for DVDs and other sources of preencoded DTS). If you have the card, it should "just work", though you might need to fiddle with the OpenAL distance model I suppose.
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I've had issues getting 5.1 surround sound working on my Mac. I had an M-Audio Revolutionh 5.1 (or was it the 7.1 card?) on my Mac and I was never convinced anything other than the M-Audio control panel sent 5.1 surround sound. There were also serious problems with the kernel extension that you needed to use it. Even for Apple's DVD player it seemed like it was sending stereo sound to it. I did play around with it once and whatever tweaking I did only made it worse.

Anyway, I sold it to Aarku Rasp

I would suggest attempting to play a sound on each speaker, one at a time, and see if each speaker actually works independently of the others.
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