Can someone help me in a basic game in VB?

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I want to make a very basic game. I have a image and i want that when I pres Up, down, left, right it moves the image acording that across the form. Is this possible?LOL
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Hello and welcome to iDevGames - the Macintosh Game Developers' Community.
This is a game development community with focus on development for the Macintosh platform and thus we don't have much experience with VisualBasic since it is a Windows only tool (AFAIK). You would probably get better help from a site like:

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Don't use VB for this, learn how to use XNA instead. It's freely available for XP, and you can pay a nominal fee to upload it to the Xbox 360 (oh, and I think Zune too (although I'm not a Zune fan, I *am* a 360 fan)). There is very little, if any, reason not to go the XNA route for games if you're using Windows nowadays. Even the most basic games should be done in XNA IMHO. Good luck with it! Smile
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Real Basic is also a valid alternative, you can make a simple game like that using the sprite surface, But i recomend the Super Sprite Surface for OpenGL graphics .
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I just took a semester-long game programming course that used XNA. It's nice in some ways, but extremely irritating in others. I'd rather just use OpenGL and some open source libs.

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I love me some XNA. Definitely go that route if you're only doing Windows and/or Xbox 360 and/or (soon) Zune. Smile
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