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hey guys,im a using Opengl with C# (Tao Framework), im a making a simple coloring book,so far so good,but when i do actually "color" the scene is the problem
see i have three circles,i colored the first one,no problem,but when i color the second,the 1st on returns to white!

i thought i could attach each circle to its own color,but thats not generic,what i need is to save the whole scene,instead of re-drawing it every time

is there something like pushmatrix,popmatrix but whith scenes?

please help
thanks in advance Smile
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No, you need to store all your scene information yourself and redraw it each frame.
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When the user is drawing, save the data from every frame. When they finish a stroke, redraw it all to the buffer and store it in a pixmap. Redraw the pixmap under everything else. Repeat as necessary.

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