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I've recently self-taught myself C++, and I think I understand most of it. Currently, I'm learning Java. I want to create a strategy game but I have NO idea how to apply anything into Xcode (or any other IDE), nor how to use Interface Builder. I found a book about C++ game programming, but it's Windows-specific. Should I try to use SDL or Allegro? Cocoa? Learn Object PascalCool? Is Java easier to apply? Do Windows (Win32) programming concepts have OS X counterparts (I doubt this one)? Where should I go from here?
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for Apple stuff, developer.apple.com is a good place to explore. Create a free account if you don't have one. Specifically, it is a good place to get your XCode and IB questions answered.

As far as SDL, Cocoa, etc....Cocoa will be for Mac only, SDL will give you cross-platform. You said you learned C++, Cocoa is Obj-C buts not really too hard to pick it up and you can easily integrate C++ code into a Cocoa project. These forums are an awesome resource so take time to look around. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. There are some very smart and experienced people here. Smile
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