Newbie problem XCode Include files

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Hey guys/gals,

I recently started developing on a mac... at least, trying to... I am used to developing on win systems and I am rather confused using XCode...

I have a directory tree containing some header and source files and I have declared a Source Tree pointing to the root of this tree. Up to this things appear to work fine. Unfortunately, whenever I want to include a header file that is located in a subdirectory of my source tree, the compiler starts to argue it can't locate the file.

For instance, trying to include a file SDLApp.h in the directory $(SOURCE_TREE)\sdl: #include "sdl\SDLApp.h" results in the aforementioned error.

What am I doing wrong???? It is probably something really trivial, but I can't find any answer...

System: MaxOS X 10.4.11, running XCode 2.5

Thanks in advance...

Gr. Bert
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/, not \
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