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Lol, I seem to be attracted to hard languages cause about 2 weeks ago I decided I was going start working on my senior prank and it involves learning ASM... acctually ASM is kinda easy just weird to look at.

I was going to learn Obj-c then I decided that I would learn java and a week latter I decided to learn ASM, (as a side project) and now Im going ahead and try my hand at game programming wtf is the matter with me.

ow btw, I like videotutorialsrock but I really wish it was C not C++, but I know enough about OOP to figure it, I just dont want to, Rasp

/edit again
K, this is just geting sad, I think im going to end up learning C++ in the end..
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Quote:VIM isn't a full-featured text editor, it's an abomination from the 70s

Ever seen a true vi master use it? It will make you scoff at BBEdit, JEdit, SubethaEdit and all the rest.

With that said, despite multiple attempts, I've never become proficient, so I always fall back on the graphical editors - but watching someone who truly knows how to use vi is an experience not to be missed.
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You seem to suffer from the same disease as many:

If I just learn this language....programming my game will be easy.

If I just change to this framework....

etc, etc.

In short, programmers get bogged down in the massive amount of work required to create a game of substantial polish and depth, and they give up.

Pick your project, pick your language and stay with it. Even if you have to scale back your idea. One finished project is more impressive to an employer than 10 unfinished ones in 5 different languages.
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