Please a Pac-man game tutorial in C

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I have been searching on the internet for one, but only find dos games? Is there a simple tutorial using C as the programming language to make a game like Pac-man?? After I master C I am going back to learning Objective-C. My maine goal is to make Cocoa games.Wink
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Anyone want to help?

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Is that posted as satire? Smile
That request is so old that I'm sure he found his answer online. (I hope Smile )
But that is shameful how easy things will slip by...
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A Google search for "pacman mac" gives you my Pacman clone for download.
So there is no need to program one.

Check it out here:
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For some reason, this page has over 2,000 views. Two things:
* Carlos, why are you posting on a dead thread that's over a year old? Since you wanted us to "clean out cruft," this would be a thread I would be inclined to delete, and will probably do so.
* McSebi, he was asking for help, not for an advertisement.

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I'd be glad to do the video part of any tutorial. In fact, I've been working on some iPhone games for teaching purposes (I run an Objective-C related teaching site) and since I am not a developer, it has been slow going.
The basic structure and graphical parts of a Pac Man game should be easy to do, it's the AI of the ghosts that bothers me. I could probably do it in C++, but translating that to Objective-C would be a new experience for me.
But I'd be glad to help.
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One question: How would one go about designing the wall collisions of Pac-man?


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