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I'm new both to this forum and to game dev.
I know that probably many people have already asked you this (please, don't kill me!), but... I need some suggestion to learn game development.
I'm a 3d hobbist and I want to make the jump to indie game development; I've some knowledge of C, but I'm willing to learn other languages. I know there are lots of tools around the web, but I haven't found the one which fits me. I'd like something easy but quite powerful, maybe an IDE that leaves all the graphical stuff beneath, so that I need only to write the game code. Something like Unity 3d, for example but free.
I know it would be better to learn how to use game library like irrlitch, etc... but I have just not enough experience to make a game totally by code. Otherwise a series of step to step tutorial for learning game coding would be appreciated.

Excuse me for bothering you (and for my English)
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I've not used it, but you might want to take a look at dim3, which satisfies at least the 'free' part of your criteria Wink

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For future reference, threads with names like "A Beginner's question" are very unclear. A better name for this thread would have been:
"Which environment/IDE would be best for me to start out with"

That being said, Unity is really a 3D Hobbyist dream platform. It is really easy to get your assets in and just start using them.
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