Problem with reading bundle text file

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Hi all,

I have some text files contain level data, i'm able to get the path of bundle file, but i couldn't success to read it in both objective-c or c++ ways. Cry

Here is my code:

- (void) loadLevel: (NSString*) levelFilename
    NSString *filePath = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath]
    const char *filename = [filePath UTF8String];
    map->loadMap(filename, blocks);

        /***** I'm new to objective-c, i copied this code from apple document *****
         NSString *myText = [NSString stringWithContentsOfFile:filePath];
     NSError *error;
     NSString *myText = [[NSString alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:filePath                                                            
     NSLog(@"%@", myText);  // it shows NULL here...

void Map::loadMap(const char *filename, bool blocks[16][16])
    cout << "Filename: " << filename << endl;
    ifstream infile(filename);    
        cout << "Error: " << filename << " can't open!" << endl;
    string test;
    while(getline(infile, test))
        cout << test << endl;
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Since you know where the problem is, inspect the file path you're getting back and check to see if your file is in that location.
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Thanks for replied, i just checked the .app file, and my text file isn't there.
I added the text file in Resource folder already, how come it didn't bundle with the app?

Do i have to set anything?
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Check if it's actually in the Copy Resources build phase in the app Target.
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i deleted the files and recopy them few times, and finally the problem is solved.

Thanks for all the replies!!
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