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I've decided to bite another bullet (been doing that lately) and pick up a Cocoa programming book so I can finally build some solid OS X games and programs. A search on Amazon turned up 72 books. I'm sure some of those are either outdated or obviously junk compared to others, but are there any that are real good? Which one(s) did you use?

Also, isn't there an iDevGames list somewhere? I seem to remember seeing it and wanted to make sure my purchase helped out the site a little if I do go through Amazon and not
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Cocoa programming for os x is easily the best for someone new to it.
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Carlos A. Camacho,
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Another vote for Aaron's book here as well. It's what I learned on.

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I really enjoyed vermont recipes, though perhaps it's a bit outdated now. (10.2?) Still; everything there is still applicable now.

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I did a search on this before i posted and nothing turned up
so this may or may not be the best place to ask. . .

where does one find various peeks ( & pokes ) on later model G4's and G5's

is there a web resource, or are there books one must buy?
i'm coming back to this stuff after a break of 20 years or so, -some cogs are a bit rusty upstairs Shock

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