Bobbimus Prime, Bobbosoft, Digikid, and Coalesce

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So, I'm just wondering if any of these are still around somewhere? I downloaded Digikid a LONG time ago, and I'm still hoping that it was continued/finished somewhere. After poking around with google for awhile, I can't find hide nor hare of any of these. Can someone help me out? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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I have Coalesce here, been hosting it for years,
I think iGame3D even still supports importing its files...
yep, ig3d_ImportCoalesceModel is still in the source.

Bob is no longer working on Digikid or Coalesce:
Quote:bob: ive completely given up on coalesce since finding blender

Currently he's doing lots of physics programming at school for his PhD,
if he hasn't already warped space/time and fallen into another dimension.

The last time I saw him online, before this past April, was in July 2005!
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