Get Z vector of rotation matrix?

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Hmmm. Yes. But the ship doesn't jitter. It doesn't go the way I want it to. I thought that my demo (as complex as it seems) is quite simple, and the 'sluggish' ship movement helps me visualise which way the ship is turning.

Quote:I'd pull out the relevant code into an as-small-as-possible test app
Well, I might, but once I have a world set up (so we know where we are going), and all of the quaternion functions transferred, it almost is my game now!

I tried to make it as simple as a demo as possible but maybe it's too complex.
Near the end of the video I pick a white planet and try to head towards this planet, but the ship 'orbits' it in a strange way. This was the part that I was trying to explain, and the main problem. I'm not really good at imagining what is happening mathematically, or I would just say 'Oh, the ship is fixed local x and y but z global rotations'. Sorry if it seems confusing. Smile

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You're probably applying the rotation in the wrong way (wrong coordinate system, wrong concatenation order of matrices, or the like). I strongly recommend moving away from HPB and using vector based rotation, too.
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DoG Wrote:HPB and using vector based rotation, too.

Two questions:

1. What's HPB?
2. What's vector based rotation?

Do you mean using axis-angle rotations?

P.S. Your SpaceProto game is stunning, surely you have implemented a similar feature?

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