Converting Local to World Coordinates

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I'm trying to work out how to convert a set of local coordinates to world coordinates for a wandering steering behaviour and wanted to check here first to make sure I have the theory correct.

I'm working in 3D but I'm constraining movement to x and z (there's no y i.e. no UP).

What I'm aiming to do, according to Craig Reynold's method is to constrain the movement to a wandering "circle" which is defined around the agent's position

This is how I reckon the local to world transformation should go:
1. Create a rotation matrix using the agent's heading vector and a perpendicular side vector, multiply by the agent's current matrix. (If I was to have full 3D wandering I presume I'd need to include an Up vector too)

2. Translate the wandering target vector by the agent's matrix created in 1.

Does that sound correct?
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