objective-c on windows?

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Sure, that'd be great for indie developers, but how is that going to help Apple?

Not only that, but if indies want to develop for `the other 95% of the market', what is stopping them now? Is it because if you're an indie Mac developer (or any Mac developer for that matter) you aren't allowed to use Microsoft API's to develop for Microsoft operating systems? I mean really, if we're talking about 95% of the market, should they be developing primarily for the 5% market (OS X) and then porting to the 95% market (Windows)? That seems logically backwards to me.
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OneSadCookie Wrote:MajicReubert at least, and I seem to recall there was at least one other. A search of the archives'd probably turn them up.

As the bottom of the macrumors page says, Safari for Windows doesn't include any ObjC stuff.

I was at least one of them, there may be more too - http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12991
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