What should I do with this shiny new Macbook Pro?

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Try Unity? Be able to compile your games on Windows without switching machines? Give your brand new laptop to the somewhat jealous me? Wink

Marvel at your computers ability to accept typing at >1000wpm!
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diordna Wrote:I just got the "middle" Macbook Pro. [...] Is there anything I should [do]

Shoot yourself? Shock


edit: When you say "just got" does that really mean "just", because I think you could get it exchanged for one of the new models. Or so the theory goes...
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diordna Wrote:After spending four years with a POS eMac, I just got the "middle" Macbook Pro.

I have also been thinking about replacing my 4 year old eMac 1Ghz with the very same Macbook Pro for when I go to University this fall. My question is, is it worth it to go the route of the Macbook Pro over the Macbook? I like the look of the faster CPU and better graphics chip since I do both 2D (Photoshop) and 3D work - both of which I find to be barely usable on my current system due to the amount of time spent loading and the response time.

So is the Macbook Pro worth the $$$?
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I'm getting one myself.
A carefully used 15" 1.83Ghz Core Duo Macbook Pro with exactly the same specs as me 10 month old iMac (other than screen and harddrive size), used for $1300 (canadian), presuming the purchase goes well in two hours.

I'm really happy with my iMac (Core Duo 1.83/1GB RAM/128MB Vram etc.) and when I saw an add for the macbook with the same specs I decided now was the time to replace my Powerbook G4 667 (which has a dead screen and is just about to be replaced by a Linux tower as my web/data server). I'm hoping to sell the imac for around $900 (canadian). (anyone want an iMac?).

I must say though, I am really really happy with the iMac so I really can't justify buying a better spec'd machine (such as a new MBP). It really has all the horsepower I need for programming, gaming, photoshop for work etc (as long as it has 1GB of ram, which both my iMac and the macbook pro do).
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