Browser Based.. Updating turn times?

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Alright guys,

Im going to have a go at making a new browser based game.

I will not use socket servers or anything.

What i really want to know is how the users "money" "turns" will update without a socket server?

If only one user is browing the site, and the turn time goes into the next turn, how will all the other players money update?

Would i need to update the entire database?

Any help on this would be helpful.

P.s im using mysql, php. Cheers.
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Record the last time the user was given their turns/money, store that somewhere for each player, and within your login code you could check if enough time has passed to give them more money. If I remember you can subtract dates/times in php to give you how many hours/minutes has passed, then divide the hours by 24, giving you the days (you would have to round this down of course).
Or you could call a php script to give them their turns/money yourself, but doing something yourself is not allowed in today's world; it's amazing how far we will go to be lazy =]

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