can some one make me a banner

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I need a banner for my website here is the information -Image size: 680x111

-Caption: "Gaming Revolution Forums"
-caption size: 32 px
-caption color:glossy Red
-caption font: something really cool
-special requests: please include a drop shadow to the caption

-Background: a rendered image of 2 people clashing swords or if you can not get that then something that would go well with the name and gaming
renders(images): 1 of 2 people clashing swords in a battle like the person in the scared banner
-sub captions:none
-sub caption size: none
-sub caption color: none
-border:no please some one make this and make it cool
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Wouldn't you prefer an uber-cool flash animated banner? Something like the 2 warriors fighting with the swords with matrix style effects and then a gory kill bill kind of ending where one guy cuts off the other guy's head and it falls like in the 300 movie while in the background there are like lightnings and a vulcano eruption and a chick stripping while surfing down the lava on a shield?

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well It would be my website logo and i do not want a movie as my logo
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