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Found these forums earlier today and it seems like a great place for learning alot about game dev. However, I have no idea where I am best starting out. I've read some posts around here but still uncertain.

I have been programming for the web for around 5 or 6 years, 3 of which where PHP and I'm currently studying VB for a course at college so programming isn't new to me. So what I want to know is am I best learning C and then going from there or is there a better alternative??

Cheers for any help Smile
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Sure you looked hard enough? Take a look at this.

"When you dream, there are no rules..."
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If you are doing web stuff already why not head on over to Flash?
AS3 is supposed to be 10 times faster than AS2.
There are also open source projects that don't even require
an investment in Flash IDE to do Actionscripting.

If you go the programmers programming route you'll be reinventing the wheel.
Some people like that.

Otherwise there's a number of game engines available. Apple has list of whats available on the Mac here
Except ours, since its in perpetual revision.

Its going to boil down to what you really want to do.
The best "getting started" is visit here for a month or so, see who and what you like, then take a stab at them or it.

Try everything, it can't hurt, as long as you try the demo's and the free materials.

Also, visit your library, its fun, and its free!
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