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I am trying to learn python/pygame and I've ran into a problem. Is it possible to use a spritesheet to simulate walking? I can move the sprite around but it's just like he's sliding around. I'm sorry if I didn't explain in detail, but perhaps someone could help me with this?
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You should do both, moving the sprite's coordinates and changing the sprite's picture (so he appears to be moving legs etc.)

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You can use time based animation or frame based animation.

Say you have an array (tables in python?) of each image names 'images' and a timer called 'timer', this is what the psudeo code would look like.
while left is being pressed
     if timer.time >= 0 && timer.time <=4 then
          blit images[0]

     if timer.time >= 5 && timer.time <=9 then
          blit image[1]

     if timer.time >= 10 && timer.time <=14
          blit image[2]
That's very basic way to do animations and not the best, but you should get the idea Wink
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thanks a lot for the replies guys

hopefully I wont bug you much anymore LOL
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