IMG_Load undefined error

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I'm using SDL's image loader IMG_Load(...) and I use the

#include <SDL_image/SDL_image.h>

to get the function prototype which it does because the compile is clean.
The linker is then giving me "Undefined Symbols _IMG_Load..."

OK, I need to find the/a Library that has IMG_Load() defined in it. Right?
And would this library also be called SDL_image? I see these rather ominous
black rectangle icons. One is called "SDL_image" and has in green lettering a note saying "Unix Executable File" Is this the "library"? I read where I could drag a library into my project. Where would I plop down a library in the project hierarchy?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. Libraries scare me. I think I understand them in theory but practice is a whole other matter.
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Drag the whole SDL_image.framework
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A framework is basically a folder with headers and a library in it

so you can add the framework to your project, or you can add the library & headers, if you do the latter you might want to change your includes instead of mucking about with search paths though.

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