Curious Compiler Issue?

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GLVector4        Get_xDir()
    // original code
    //return GLVector4(1-2*(y*y+z*z),  2*(x*y+w*z),  2*(x*z-w*y));

    // xcode acceptable code
    GLVector4 v4(1-2*(y*y+z*z),  2*(x*y+w*z),  2*(x*z-w*y));

This was some code off the internet (Linux and Windows) and that I tried
compiling but the errors:
no matching function for call to "GLVector4::GLVector4(GLVector4);
candidates are : GLVector4::GLVector4(GLVector4&);

After much head banking I got it to work by splitting up line as shown above.

Note: I tried
return ( GLVector4(1-2*(y*y+z*z), 2*(x*y+w*z), 2*(x*z-w*y)) );
but this didn't work either.

Could this be an error in Xcode (i.e. gcc ) comipler?

Edit: Just came across this. Must be in the same vein as the above.

Had to change this:
distance = distance2Points(GLVector3(particlePos.x, particlePos.y, particlePos.z),
GLVector3(m_forcesPos[i].x, m_forcesPos[i].y, m_forcesPos[i].z));

to this:

GLVector3 v3(particlePos.x, particlePos.y, particlePos.z);
GLVector3 v3_1(m_forcesPos[i].x, m_forcesPos[i].y, m_forcesPos[i].z);
distance = distance2Points(v3, v3_1);
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Your copy constructor should take a const GLVector4&, not a GLVector4&.
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