What do you want to see in a Random Number Generator?

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Well, looks like I got it working finally. Oddly enough I got it working by following the directions in a really old Cocoa Dev Central article. The extra (unnecessary) steps of creating an extra target and target dependencies that Apple calls for seems to either be wrong or intended for something else and it's simply poorly worded as to what it is supposed to accomplish.

It'll take me a little bit to build a nice .dmg package and upload it all, but I should have it up sooner than later.
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Well, it took long enough but I finally have a copy ready to move out. Writing up the documentation and creating an icon and all that stuff takes a long time to do. That said, the documentation is kinda half-assed (it took way too much work for what it is)* but it'll get the job done for now.

As it is, I won't be making this available on my website: http://www.digitalfaction.net

Why? Simply put, I need to do some work on restructuring the site (design should stay pretty much the same, as I like it, but it needs some major back-end work) and I may as well get it all done.

Anyhow, here's the file: http://www.digitalfaction.net/software/d...oolkit.dmg

*Creating the docs was so tedious and so much work that I've decided to write a web program in ruby or php (since all the docs, whether online or stored with the program, are written in html) that does nothing but make creating documents quick and easy.
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