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Now the contest is all over I have some questions for all the entrants who used Unity. Some are for personal interest but I hope they all provide some use for others. Non Unity entrants feel free to answer the non Unity questions if you want.

1. What was your entry?
2. How many developers were in your team?
3. Had you used Unity before and if so how long for?
4. How much time did you actually spend on the project?
5. What other tools did you use for asset generation?
6. Did you use any assets from previous projects?
7. What did you like about Unity?
8. What didn't you like about Unity?
9. Would you use Unity again?
10. Do you plan on turning your entry into a full game?
11. Now the prizes have been awarded, any confessions?
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1. The Last Hope

2. Myself plus musician.

3. No. I only got it the weekend before the contest started so I could work through the tutorials.

4. About 20 man hours were spent on development plus whatever time my musician took.

5. Lightwave 9 and Photoshop 7.

6. The bomb bot model was actually used to generate 2D images for my Garden Pests uDevGame entry back in 2003.

7. I liked how easy it was to get something playable up and running. I also liked how well it worked with the Photoshop and audio assets.

8. The IDE seemed lack several small things which would have just made the whole experience smoother. Too often I found myself fighting the IDE instead of just using it.

Game GUIs are another area where I though Unity let itself down.

Seeing as this was my first 3D game I did rely on Unity's physics engine far too much and this to some gameplay issues. I also believed the hype surrounding the product too much and expected it to handle a lot more for me than it did (such as the physics issues).

I was also unhappy with its lack of Lightwave support. Any items on the Unity forum or Wiki only covered up to version 8 even though Lightwave 9 has been out for some time now.

It would also be nice if they offered some kind of patch system so that someone could download just the game content instead of all the libraries and stuff every time. I think I must have spent a couple of hours uploading test versions during the contest. I was even more depressed when I saw the size of the Windows build for the same game.

9. Possibly if time permits but unwilling to invest to much time in it when it is going to run out in 9 months.

10. Again if time permits I may do so. Due to the Unity deadline issue I may instead develop it using Torque 3D which I already own. (Does OTEE offer a cross-grade discount?)

11. I must confess that my game idea may not be as original as some think if you happened to own a ZX Spectrum in 1985. Nothing else to confess as I was not working on the entry before the contest started and the only update post deadline was on a separate URL.
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1. 3D Curling
2. One developer, myself
3. I had used Unity a couple afternoons before this contest, and got frustrated and threw it in the trash. I was genuinely impressed with Unity while developing for this contest though!
4. I tried to track my time, and approximately 70 hours went into this. This included training myself in using Unity. Very quick in my opinion.
5. Carrara, 3D modeling - also GraphicConverter, Fireworks MX 2004, and Photoshop Elements 3
6. I had modeled the curling stones earlier, when trying to make some 2D renders of them - thankfully the stone imported into Unity pretty darn well.
7. Easy to use, built-in physics, good tutorials.
8. Better GUI design tools. More straightforward interface for creating the UI elements on the screen. Easier ways to transition between levels - we use LoadLevel to change levels, so how about an easy way to specify a screen wipe? Possibly using a QuickTime effect? QT has many built-in transition effects that could be supported on both Mac and Windows.
9. I will definitely use Unity again.
10. I will make 3D curling into a full-featured shareware game. I hope Unity will jump start many projects for me, including a redesign of my tennis game which was first developed in an earlier uDevGames competition!
11. Confessions? "I borrowed your chapstick from you without asking."

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2. 2 for 3 days
3. Yes, I tried the demo when it came out and wasn't that impressed. When this contest came out it had improved substantially but unfortunately my team's Unity project didn't really go anywhere.
4. 3 days, probably about 20 hours
5. Um.. I think Diordna used Wings or Meshwork...
6. I used a few lines of code (9, I believe) from another project.
7. I love the fact that it has photoshop support out of the box, really useful. Also it's just really easy to use if you're going for a FPS Smile
8. Hmm, the faults that I found were my own Rasp
9. Well, now that I have 9 months I'll probably try it out some more.
10. There are enough asteroids clones in this world.
11. The real question is, did I hope to win with asteroids or just grab the door prize? Probably not sportsmanlike, but coming in 17th place out of 27 surprisingly matched a lot of my other entries in other contests. The difference was that I only did it in 1/10th of the given time. I may be getting more efficient at loosing Wink ...
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