Is there a way to use rpg maker on my mac?

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Ok, so I've been making short games on my windows computer using rpg maker 2000, 2003 and xp. I'm very comfortable with them but I have a mac now. I was wondering if there is anything like rpg maker or any good rpg making tool for the mac?
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I don't think there is... You can dual boot Windows XP, and use it on your Windows partition that way.
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I understand ColdStone is a similar tool, but I haven't used it.

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I own a copy of coldstone... but it no longer runs in 10.4 I believe. If it does however, it's what you're looking for.
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As do I. It's supposedly going to be updated, but it's been, oh, 5 years without a peep. Funny, though, how they advertise it as being a tool that you can create games without learning a language without C++. And here I am, making a game with C++ before they have been able to get there supposed update out the door. (of course, I doubt that they'll ever get it out)
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I found a program named isoworld, it costs $49 and I tried to download their demo and that didn't even work so seriously if I'm having a hard time getting their demo to even open it I'm willing to bet its an outdated waste of money.

I tried looking for Coldstone and I heard a lot of negative things, it also costs money even tho its way out of date. So....yeah.

what the second poster said, there is a way to open windows on my mac and open rpg maker? cause I already have that thus being free, works, and I'm used to....

is that possible?
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If you have an Intel Mac, you can use Apple's Boot Camp to reboot into Windows or Mac OS X at your choice (free), or you can use Parallels to run Windows in a window on Mac OS X ($79).

If you don't have an Intel Mac, you're outta luck.
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I have an intel. I asked a friend of a friend and he mentioned it so I'll have him over to explain how to do that I guess. Thanks everyone.
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but as this thread did have a better result on Google I thought it would be helpful to direct anyone looking for RPG Maker for Mac OS X to this promising thread
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