is there a mac version of RPG Maker?

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Ok, so I've been making short games on my windows computer using rpg maker 2000, 2003 and xp. I'm very comfortable with them but I have a mac now. I was wondering if there is anything like rpg maker or any good rpg making tool for the mac?
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Not yet, but there soon will be. Check out
The long wait for RPG Maker on Mac is finally coming to a close.
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We are working hard to make this dream a reality. It's not just about RPG Maker but also complementary development tools and developer support on MacOS X. The software is slowly growing old and we wouldn't let that happen without a fight. This is why our long term plan includes the possibility to extend the boundaries of RPG Maker even further. Blink

Please, I'd be glad to answer your questions here.
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