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OK this is obviously past the deadline, but I since I figured out my size problem, I thought I would share it with everyone nonetheless.

Title: Al-Qaeda Jones

Due to the short development time, I would not say it is complete, it is however playable so you can at least get a little taste.

Here are the links:

WebPlayer: http://www.andrewleek.com/AlQaedaJones.html
Universal Binary (Mac): http://www.andrewleek.com/Al-Qaeda_Jones.zip
Windows (PC): http://www.andrewleek.com/Al-Qaeda_Jones_PC.zip

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Any info or screenshots, or even a name?
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I cant be bothered installing stuff, please provide a download Smile

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Big Webplayers are real slow to load in my experience
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It is too big even when zipped? A 40MB application zips down to about 10MB.

And the file size limit is 40MB when it is zipped.

Try building it!

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That was hilarious.
Controls need tweeking, and the little swami needs some good one liners like "Alla Be Back"

Funny stuff, sure to offend people who deserve to be offended.
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