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Hello all,

I'm new to programming games on the mac. I'm using Xcode and started the tutorials on SDL i found on

Everything was going great up to lesson 13.
In this part the central idee is loading a bitmap. This however doesn't compile propely for me even when I use the provided source code.

Can anyone try the sourcecode found on the website and see if it works and if not fix it? I would be happy to know what's going wrong.


Thank you very much, Ed
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The source compiled for me on the first time. I got a runtime error, but that's just because I didn't bother to drop the images into the appropriate directory. Make sure the .bmp images are under /Project/build/development before running.

What error do you get when you try to compile?
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I stored the bitmap in the same folder where the .xcodeproject is. This is probably not the same folder you are talking about. I'll follow your advice when I get home. This will probably fix it.

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What you might want to try is instead of SDL_LoadBMP("tiles.bmp");
also make sure to add the bitmaps as an absolute path and you should probably copy the bitmaps into the project folder.
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Can you please not put the word newb in your thread title, thank you.

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