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Developer name; Aaron Cross
Entry name; the Oasis
Download http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~my3d/TheOasis2006.zip
Description: Adventure in 30mb

Edit 3am
Didnt sleep at all last night!
Im dialuploading my final release, http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~my3d/TheOasis2006.zip
If theres any problems please email me
thank you
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Developer name: R.A.Mildren
Entry name: The Gnome Herder
Download URL: http://www.geocities.jp/themildrens/GnomeHerder.html
Description: "Capture the wayward, flying Gnome-men before your time runs out
so that they may be returned to their lonesome wives!"
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developer name: Thomas Lust
entry name: expanding universe
download URL: http://savefile.com/files/355544
description: A starwars-like game built in dim3
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Developer name: Dustin Lammiman
Entry name: Heat Shift
Download URL: http://www.mediamax.com/dtaylorl/Hosted/...0Shift.dmg
Download URL Mirror (optional): http://files.filefront.com/6400374
Race through twists and turns in your Mercedes C Class! See three unique worlds as you try to beat the clock.
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Developer Name: The dim3 community
Entry Name: Blood Rush
Download URL: http://www.coldfusiongames.com/bloodrush.zip
Description: (Website) http://web.mac.com/mkjonathan/iWeb/Blood_rush
----An UPDATED Version can be found at http://dproduction.be/BloodRush.dmg, but this is after the deadline.
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Developer Name: Matt Diamond
Entry Name: A Tack!
Download URL: http://home.comcast.net/~mdiamond/files/..._0.dmg.zip
Description: Arcade shooter. Defend your sheet of paper from the scribbles of your mutinous writing utensils.

Note to downloaders: a later version with minor improvements can be found at:
The link above is for version 1.0 that was submitted before the contest deadline; that link will go away once the judging period ends.
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Developer Name: Mutwin Kraus
Entry Name: Labyrinth
Download URL: http://mutle.fuckup.homeunix.net/3DU/dow...php?file=2
Download URL Mirror: http://mutle.fuckup.homeunix.net/3DU/dow...php?file=1
Description: A replica of the Wooden Maze Game where you guide a Marble through the Maze by tilting the Board. There are two Game Modes: "Time Trial" (get to the Finish as fast as possible) and "Parcours" (get to all the 46 Checkpoints before the time runs out. Website
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Developer Names: Lost Pencil Animation Studios Inc. (Paul Mikulecky)
Entry Name: Hover World
Download URL: http://www.lostpencil.com/temp/hover_world.dmg
Description: Third and First Person Hover Craft Race Game
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Developer name: Joe Schultz
Entry name: The Late Call
Download url: http://www.bydesigngames.com/Joe%20Schul...0Entry.zip
Description: The day was long, and so were her legs. What the hell am I doing... the paint is peeling, rats are living under the baseboard, I haven't had a paying case in longer than I can remember, and all I do is sit and wonder whether she'll call tonight as she promised. Marla... if I only could stop thinking about you... <the phone rings...>
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Developer name: Adam Mechtley & Matthew Wegner
Entry name: I Hate Clowns: Operation Pie Gones
Download URL: http://www.flashbangstudios.com/iloveclowns/
Mirror: http://www.matthewwegner.com/I%20Hate%20Clowns.zip
Description: A fun physics game where you throw metal pies at ragdoll clowns. Take it, clowns.
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Team name: Day21
Entry name: Parallel Destiny
Download URL: http://climactic-ave.typepad.com/Paralle...estiny.zip
Description: Align yourself with the forces of good or evil, and let actions determine your destiny.
Rob MacLoud
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Developer: Rob MacLoud
Entry Name: Lone Survivor
Description: Space Shooter - 12 levels of missile launching fun
URL: http://idisk.mac.com/robmacloud-Public?view=web
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Developer: Matteo Guarnieri
Entry Name: Kenny the charismatic chicken
Description: Shoot bouncing balls with a bazooka
URL: http://www.ragdollsoft.com/kenny.zip
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